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behaviour-based security

InvisID is a behaviour-based authentication for continuous identity verification that observes and analyzes a user's behaviour over a period of time. This method stores behavioural patterns and characteristics that are typical of a particular user to confirm their identity.



  • Trouble with logins

    Most people know the problem: trying to log in to an online account fails because the password is wrong. Maybe it was forgotten or misspelled. Or maybe it was hacked and stolen by cybercriminals. Recovery is cumbersome, time-consuming and frustrating.

  • Security during PC use

    Besides the hassle of logins, the other concern is security during PC use. Again, attackers who have passwords or tokens can compromise the system without users being directly aware of it. A behavior-based security solution can prevent this threat.


Real-time protection from hackers

Our behavior-based authentication system checks in real time whether their sessions have been hijacked by hackers. If any unusual behavior occurs, potentially unwanted access is blocked. This technology works independently in the background and continuously checks input behavior, such as key rhythm and mouse usage. Every person has his or her own way of working on the computer. This way is as individual as our fingerprint.

Fast log-in and secure work

Security methods such as two-factor authentication are cumbersome and they interrupt the workflow. Furthermore, they also do not ensure continuous protection against unauthorized access. Our security system solves both problems and combines ease of use with security.

Customizable features and maximum security

Our behavior-based authentication not only improves the user experience, but can also be customized. For example, the recognition function can be variably set and combined with other security solutions.



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